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Training on Quake- resistant construction starts

Training on Quake- resistant construction starts

July 29 - With aim of providing training for quake-resistant construction to the members of Construction sector workers ,CUPPEC has started one-7 days training. There are 30 masons participating in the training. The training is facilitating by skill technician including engineer. 

Inaugurating the training, GEFONT Secretary General Cde. Bishnu Lamsal , After the earthquake ,for the reconstruction work ,state need a large number of skill workers. To provide skill manpower, GEFONT has initiated to produce more trained mason by skill upgrading of the practicing masons as well as the newcomers in the construction sector.

Addressing in inaguaral session,CUPPEC president said, CUPPEC has organised this kind of training as its goal and objective .On the occasion, Bruno Deceukelier Asia Coordinator, World Solidarity extended his best wishes for the success of the training .