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Central Union of Painters, Plumbers, Electro And Construction Workers –Nepal (CUPPEC-Nepal) 
Central Union of Painters, Plumbers, Electro And Construction Workers –Nepal (CUPPEC-Nepal) was established on 31th May, unifying four different construction industries which were national unions active in different sectors of construction industry such as independent electricity workers union which was established on 16 June 1990, Nepal independent painting workers Union in January 1994,Nepal Plumbers independent workers Union on 17th August 1993 and Nepal independent Construction Workers Union in 1994.
Cuppec-Nepal Organises the masons, Carpenters, electricians, Plumbers, House painters, house painters, Hoarding boards and sign board makers, workers of marbles and chips factories, workers of bridges, roads, canals, Buildings construction, Hydropower, gardening, mines, Brick Kilns Stone Quarries Sand Mines and Wood Works Aluminum and grail.
Construction sector is second largest sector after Agriculture in Nepal this 
CPPEC Nepal has been registered as number the 10 in Department of Labour of Government of Nepal. It covers 14 Zones and more than 64 districts of Nepal. Represents over 80,500 workers from all kind of Construction industries 
Till now Four  national congress    have been organized so far 1st – 1999 –03-06 Kathmandu. 2nd -2003-03-05 -07  Kathmandu,3rd – 2007-03-8-10 Kathmandu and 4th -  2009-03-29-30 Kathmandu.
 The 4th congress elected 27 central committee 27 office bearers & members  under the chairmanship of Narnath Luitel. Over 33% women have been elected in central committee of Cuppec –Nepal in the  4th National Congress .
 It is  affiliated of  GEFONT from the very beginning  and  globally  with  BWI (Buildiong and Wood Workers International) .